These are questions that, for the most part, have never been asked. And probably for good reason.


Is this a real company?

We try to be.


How do I know if I should wear apparel from a real surf company or from No Wave Surf Co.?

Do you live on the coast? Do you live NOT on a coast? Do you wear puka shell necklaces? Do you like fish tacos? Are you Alana Blanchard (Hi, Alana!)? Do you prefer wetsuits or overalls? Do you find a shark or a wild boar more terrifying?

If you answered any of these questions in any way, you should wear No Wave Surf Co. apparel.



What if I buy something only to discover that it's too awesome for me and I need to return it?

No problem. Return any item within 30 days and we'll refund your money (minus shipping) immediately upon receipt.



Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. We love landlocked people of all nationalities.



Is the sand in your beach bags organic?

I'm not sure you understand what we're doing here.


For any other questions, please contact us.